Esta asignatura pretende orientar al licenciado en formación, frente a los procesos observacionales desde la Psicología Educativa con la finalidad de mejorar la enseñanza de la lengua extranjera.

This course has been designed to study and applies theories and concepts from observation and all of psychology in educational settings. Educational settings could be schools, ranging from primary school to high school. The goal this subject is to make any teacher-student relationship as positive as it can be, so that the students can learn the foreign language to the best of their potential. There is no single learning approach that works for everyone. That is why the future teachers need to work on the field of education and try to identify and study learning methods to better understand how learners learn the foreign language. This course will observe and apply theories of human development to understand individual and group learning. Finally, this course will try to contribute considerably to the creation of the modern system of education in order to develop an impartial and sympathetic attitude towards students and form them into integrated personalities.

The development of the world in the 21st century has obliged people to create a strong relationship with technology and its everyday devices such as laptops, tablets, smart TVs or mobile phones. Hence, this website has been created taking into consideration the need to include technology into every subject class in order to provide educators and scholars with a holistic teaching and learning process. 

Nowadays, E-learning or online learning seems to be one of the newest and the most popular approach of distance education, therefore, this virtual learning setting offers learners additional information covered in class, including grammatical features, vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs, functions and a plenty of practical exercises. Students will find an additional set of authentic material, which include videos, audios, and readings, found on any audio-visual resource. On this sense, this is a blended or hybrid face-to-face and virtual course to share and take advantage of the course.

This component of the course has been planned as a virtual space for the class to get access to additional material and activities that will be part of your training at this level.