Text Comprehension and Production Basic User I. The subject of reading and writing is an asset for students to acquire the theory and praxis proper to these two skills in their progress to become teachers at the end of the career. This course will give learners opportunities to advance on basic and low intermediate grammar topics in order to know the structure of English sentences and their transition to paragraphs. It will also focus on reading different types of texts and responding to them by means of short written compositions. Reading techniques will be developed to train students for standard test taking skills.

Cognitive psychology and language course has been designed to provide a wide range of psychological phenomena, such as perception, learning, memory, and thinking. Additionally, the Cognitive psychology and language course will be oriented partially to the phenomena, such as emotion and motivation. In fact, psychological interest will be studied from a cognitive perspective. In this course, we will describe some of the preliminary aspects in order to contribute to the educational field in the future languages teachers.