El Plan de Estudios está compuesto por tres (3) componentes transversales, organizados de la siguiente manera: 

  1. Módulo de Investigación
  2. Módulo de Emprendimiento Social
  3. Módulo de Tecnologías Sociales. 

Aquí puede ver información detallada del Plan de Estudios

This course aims to highlight teaching and promoting the use of certain technologies that are part of a cocktail of resources that can lead to the improvement of the quality of life in the material and relational. Such technologies are labeled as "social technologies".  In this vein, social technologies can be addressed:

- As technologies for social inclusion, which combine citizen interests, science and public action, especially in areas with large infrastructure deficiencies, environmental problems or urban degradation.

- As means to manage in an alternative way the democratic and government structures, generating new possibilities of representativeness, decision and control of public affairs. Here they are linked to electronic citizenship and digital democracy, among others.